Umana Restaurant & Wine Bar

Street Food From Around the World

Umana "Meeting Place for all People" is the Capital District's top restaurant for international cuisine and flavors from around the world

Our Story

Life’s filled with opportunities at every corner, chances with each step to embrace experiences that transform us, moving, ever closer to the reality of our imagined, better self.  If you believe that there are no chance encounters, that each meeting, dialog, conversation feeds our soul, serves up necessary nourishment for our well-being, then, Umana Yana, awaits you.  The indigenous Wai- Wai Amerindians defined it as the meeting place, purposefully built to foster communication of diverse people throughout the world.  

Every community needs a place where its people can come together. But why is this so? How do we benefit from meeting in one place at one time? We, at the Umana Restaurant and Wine Bar want to help answer these questions.   We believe that when we come together, we unite differing experiences, perspectives and beliefs. In this interaction, the human imagination is strengthened --leading us to rethink how we view the World and helping us to appreciate the splendor of its infinite diversity.


In our humble attempt to create a space, a meeting place that rises up to greet us, we have connected with neighbors in our local and global communities, partnering with the best of both.  We have partnered with Professor Christopher Tanner (formerly of Schenectady County Community College) to create an exciting menu of delicious street foods from around the world. We source produce seasonally from our local area farmers like Soul Fire Farm and culinary artisans. Our wine list boasts both domestic and international vintages.

We have even traveled to Jacmel, Haiti to meet with the artisans in the mountains who have uniquely hand crafted each piece of furniture. We have worked with the ‘Bottle Men” in Guyana, South America, so we can display an array of old Dutch bottles which are found in that part of the world.

Umana exudes the flavors from near and far, gathering them all up in one place – the meeting place.  Let’s meet there!

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